Elite Protection: Best Antivirus for Mac

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Today, Apple offers two ways to install applications on macOS: using the Mac App Store and downloading the distribution of a game or program from Internet pages. On iOS, a different situation since birth – the company left one App Store.

Painstaking moderators work on Apple software distribution sites, who do not let malicious code through automatic and manual testing. And so on iOS, there are no viruses.

Do you Need to Install an Antivirus on Mac to Protect the PC?

This question is most often asked. With the growing popularity of Mac computers and security stories that go to the front pages of newspapers. Mac owners are starting to think more about security.

Mac, this is not a computer on which you can get a virus like on Windows. But this does not mean that you are completely safe. Mac computers can only become infected when users start installing unauthorized applications from the Internet.

What is Better to Consider to Protect your Mac?

BitDefender is one of the commercial antivirus programs that run on Mac. There are other options, such as Intego Mac Internet Security or Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac.

But you can get protection for your Mac without spending a lot of money. For example, the free CalmXav application (which asks you for a donation if you consider that it performs its task well), it also removes viruses from your computer. There is still a free AdwareMedic antivirus, it will also ask for donations, as well as ClamXav. In order not to infect your computer with a virus, we recommend downloading applications from trusted sources, such as the Mac App Store.

It will also not be superfluous to make sure that the security system of your Mac (Gatekeeper) is turned on. This will reduce the likelihood of unauthorized launches.

Avast as Number 1 Choice for MacBook

This is the deserved best antivirus for Mac among similar programs. Initially, the product was developed for Windows, but today there are versions for all popular OS in the world. The utility feature is a two-level verification system. The first one searches for viruses in the system and, if there are any, completely removes them. The main task of the second level of verification is to ensure user safety when using networks.

The program also includes a special component of WebRep, which is used to check the security of Internet resources. The plugin is launched in conjunction with browsers, integrating in auto order. All files that the user works with are scanned using Avast tools, and in case of risk, they will secure your computer.

A free, effective and simple product for your PC – this is what its developers say about this program. Even a teenager can deal with the settings because the antivirus has a clear and very convenient appearance.

According to experts, the utility does not occupy the leading positions among modern security products, but it does an excellent job of searching for and eradicating malicious files.