ZAP-Hosting Review

ZAP-Hosting Review

Game technology never stands still and now everything is much more complex and brighter than the usual game consoles and controllers. Players want to get the most out of their games and nothing less than secure hosting services can help them do that. There are many web hosting companies on the global market, but in this article, we will focus on one – ZAP Hosting.

General overview of ZAP hosting

Formed in 2010, zap hosting has come a long way to success and has become a company that provides services in many areas of business: shared hosting, game servers, and virtual private servers. This company provides gamers with full protection for their gaming activities, so they no longer have to worry about outside interference from the Internet.
The main feature of the server that has made them a unique web service provider is the categories available to choose from. With this service, you provide yourself with the freedom to order lifetime servers, which in addition can be done in advance. Zap Hosting does everything to enhance your gaming experience, here you will find what you have been looking for so long.
Other features of Zap Hosting:
• Zap Hosting uses fast SSD drives from 2GHz to 4.4GHz
• Failure-free almost 100% server uptime, no downtime guaranteed
• The average response time is around 257 ms, but sometimes drops to 209 ms

Pricing web hosting

Zap Hosting does not have a fixed plan to pay. For some, it may seem difficult, but in fact, there is nothing to be afraid of everything is very simple, and on the other hand even convenient. The fact that the company gives you complete freedom of action and you can build your server, which will meet all your specific needs. All you have to do is choose your desired game and then work on setting up the server yourself. Your payment will also depend on this.
The minimum price for a server with 4 game server slots is $3, but you can buy more, and accordingly, this will increase the cost.
The maximum number of purchased slots on the server is 500 pieces.
You are also free to choose the amount of RAM of the server, which can be up to 16 GB.
Also, if you decide to buy this web hosting service, you should know that the company has seven branches, and in each of them the price range will be different: somewhere it will be cheaper and somewhere more expensive.

Zap Hosting Customer Support

Customer support is a very important factor in any company because the impression of it will leave an impression of the company as a whole. At Zap-Hosting customer support works 24/7 through tickets, mail, and chat, address any problem at any time of the day or night.
Employees quickly respond to the incoming message and respond within minutes. However, if you choose to contact the service via email, the response may take longer.