How to Protect Your Dog From the Cold

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Hoodies, sweatshirts and dog sweaters for winter are a great solution for those who are looking for good clothes for a pet that protects it from cold and wind. Among the presented models are both light things and insulated models, as well as stylish sweatshirts and cozy vests. In some of these things, animals will be comfortable not only on the street but also, for example, in a country house in winter weather.

Do I need to buy special clothes for dogs in winter?

Only smooth-haired or hairless dog breeds need special winter clothing. If your walks are not active, then a dog with long hair may freeze in the cold.

Diseases of dogs associated with weather conditions may not occur if you temper short-haired pets, gradually increasing the time of walking with active movements and games in the cold season. To do this, you need to gradually increase the walking time with active movements and games in the cold season. In animals, in the cold, paws are colder, so sometimes the clothes for the dog (cufflinks and overalls) are supplemented with special boots. To make your pet comfortable in clothes, it is important to choose the right size for it.

Why should you buy a dog sweater?

The main advantages of the products are their cut and material.

  • Natural wool is a source of heat, so necessary for our little friends in cold or damp weather.
  • The seamless cut of miniature outfits relieves dogs of discomfort when worn.
  • The elasticity of the woolen fabric provides a perfect fit and freedom of active movement.
  • Lightweight clothing is also important for comfort when moving your nimble four-legged friend.
  • The naturalness of the raw materials is the best guarantee that the owner of a stylish new thing will not have allergy symptoms.

Therefore, the demand for woolen sweaters is consistently high.

We do not recommend trying to tie a sweater to your dog yourself: the wrong pattern or pattern, rough seams, and spiky yarn can cost your pet health, cause itching and dandruff.

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How to choose a sweater for a dog?

Three rules for good clothing for pets: it should be comfortable, durable, and resistant to washing. Therefore, if you are offered an expensive sweater for a dog made of natural wool, think about how long it will remain “like new” on the condition of daily washing? The best option is pure acrylic or acrylic with the addition of wool or cotton.

  • Dog sweaters with zippers, buttons, and buttons can be quickly removed and put on. But pay attention to the location of mounts and decorative elements, they should be out of the reach of dog’s teeth.
  • Sweater for the dog is selected exactly to size. In the description of each model on the site, measurements are indicated: back length, chest girth, neck girth. Focus on them, and if in doubt, ask the store employee a question
  • Sweater for dogs is the most comfortable type of clothing. Due to its soft and elastic structure, the absence of rigid seams and very lightweight, the sweater fits perfectly on the pet’s figure, allowing it to move freely during walks and games. A high collar closes the throat as much as possible, effectively retaining heat.

A knitted sweater for a dog will be indispensable for walking in cool, dry weather, as well as at home if the apartment is not heated well enough. It can be used as an independent thing or put on under a raincoat for warming.